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Window Moisture

Windows add an aesthetic component to your home in many ways, but functionality is important too.  Windows can, and should, be utilized to further insulate the home, thereby maximizing energy efficiency.  Moisture and discoloration inside your window glass is usually a result of a broken seal.  While seals can be repaired, the fix may only be temporary.  Under humid conditions, condensation shows up on the interior window surface.  There are many reasons for condensation to occur and many ways to limit humidity in the home.  Moisture inside the window, and even on the windows, indicates that insulation may be compromised.  Window maintenance is essential in reducing humidity and condensation, thereby increasing the home’s energy efficiency.  Weather stripping may be faulty or have become worn.  The window’s ability to prevent air leakage is only as good as it’s installation.

If you’re having moisture issues with your single-pane windows, it may be time to consider replacing them with double-pane windows.   There is no guarantee against condensation, but it should drastically reduce the risk of excessive humidity in the home.  The median comfort range of indoor relative humidity is between 35% and 45%.  Double pane windows will typically allow about 37% relative indoor humidity to exist without condensation versus just 12% in single-pane windows.

LAS Weathergard II Vinyl Windows  are filled with Argon Gas for energy efficiency.  We also use Low E-Glass to properly reflect sunlight and keep your home more comfortable.  We custom manufacture your windows within 1/8 inch of the measurement specifications, for the best fit possible.  Finally, your LAS window will be installed by our experienced staff, using triple lined felt and WINTeQ caulking to seal out air flow.  At LAS, we know windows.  Our proprietary design was created with the humid climate of Southeast Louisiana in mind.

Moisture is just one of the reasons replacement windows could enhance your home’s beauty and your comfort of living.  Let LAS show you the difference our windows can make for your home.  Call us today for more information and an estimate.

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