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A traditional cottage-style shutter, LAS Board and Batten Shutters bring a warm, rustic look to your home, but with the durability of high-gauge aluminum. Practicial and decorative window dressing.
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Evoking cozy nights and rustic warmth, board and batten shutters add a classic look to your home. They're not only decorative. Our LAS shutters are available in operative and storm-rated classifications, too.

Timeless Style

In New Orleans, many of our historic homes are outfitted with board and batten shutters. These beautiful cottage-style shutters evoke the past with their practical design and enduring elegance.

This style dates back as far as the Victorian era. "Board and batten" itself simply refers to the makeup of these shutters. The boards are the vertical planks, while the battens provide support horizontally. You can customize your look with two battens, a third center batten, or a "Z" bar for accent and style.

At LAS Shutters + Windows, we design and craft shutters that are made for the Gulf South. We craft our shutters from high-quality aluminum because we know wooden shutters quickly break down in our hot and humid climate. More durable, more attractive, and ready to protect your home. That's the LAS difference.

LAS exterior board and batten shutters


Benefits of our shutters

Unrivaled resistance to moisture and ultraviolet light, a must in our climate

Guaranteed to never rot, warp, or crack over time, unlike wooden shutters

Easily open and operate your shutters with multiple locking options

Improved insulation from summer heat, winter chills, and year-long noise

Your Home Is Worth It

At LAS, we craft board and batten shutters that are made for your home. Since we manage every step of design and installation, we can make shutters for large and small windows alike. Need shutters for arched or irregularly shaped windows? We can help with those, too.

Customize shutters for your needs. You can choose from the following styles:

  • Decorative: These shutters are normally set in place to add style, depth, and warmth to your home. They add instant curb appeal at an affordable price.
  • Fully operational: Enjoy the look of shutters with the additional benefits of blocking light, wind, and noise. With our locking options, you can also protect your home from intruders.
  • Storm rated: Protect your home from Gulf South hurricanes. Our storm-rated hurricane shutters comply with (or exceed) wind and/or impact ratings for the Florida Building Code, SBCCI standards, and ASTM specifications.

Our shutters also have a powder coated finish, with multiple colors available. We go beyond black and brown, so you can embrace the lively colors of NOLA's historic homes. Find out more about our shutter colors here.

LAS board and batten shutter closed exterior shot


Our Board And Batten Shutters

For over 60 years, the Gulf South community has trusted the LAS team to craft the highest-quality shutters and windows for their homes. Protecting your home and loved ones is the most important part of our job, and we never skimp on quality.

Our team is local. We live and work in the Gulf South. We're committed to designing products that work best for our climate, not a "good enough" model that could work across the U.S. From start to finish, our team is also in charge of every aspect of your next shutter project.

What we do





The LAS Manufacturing Process

LAS shutters provide unrivaled functionality, durability, and style for Gulf South homes. This starts with initial design to ensure the perfect fit for your windows. We also ensure installation is done right with high quality anchoring components and locking mechanisms.

You can learn more about how our team creates shutters that are custom fit to your home in the following video.

Find Your Inspiration

If you're ready to add gorgeous board and batten shutters to your new home or remodel, we're here to help! You can always reach out to the LAS team with questions you have or for a free estimate.

We also invite you to review our Shutters 101 guide to learn more about key terms and definitions about shutters. Ready to see more? Check out our gallery of past board and batten projects below or browse even more shutter styles here.