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Unique wall systems from LAS give you options. When the Louisiana weather is behaving, open your door or window shutters and bring the outside in. When the weather is less than ideal – or when you want a little privacy – close the shutters or doors for a water-and air-tight barrier from the outside.

Custom Built Wall Systems to Exactly Meet Your Specifications

Whether you want an outdoor area for enjoying a relaxing morning, entertaining dozens of guests – or an area that can meet both needs – we have you covered. Wall systems allow you to open up any space you desire to the outdoors – or keep it private and closed off from the weather. These unique builds are all about options and ensuring you can get the exact build you want.

An LAS front porch wall system.

Create the Perfect Home Oasis

Imagine the following scenario: You’ve come home after a long day at the office. You’re tired, and you want to relax. Now imagine what your ideal outdoor/indoor oasis would look like. What would it feel like? What functionality would it have?

When you work with LAS, we can truly create that perfect indoor/outdoor area for you. Whether you’re a single person that loves their privacy, or a family of ten that wants lots of communal space, we are here to create wall systems that will offer the flexibility and function you need.

Our Wall Systems Are Fully Customizable

Some companies claim to offer customizable wall systems but what they mean is that you can choose from a dozen or so designs they’ve created. That is not the case with LAS. We can create truly custom wall systems that meet both your functional and aesthetic wants and needs

Customizable sizing. No space is too large, and no space is too small

Thorough measurements to determine the right size for your project

Choose from a wide range of colors

Decorative and operable. The style and function you need

We Build Wall Systems That Are Functional

No matter how beautiful wall systems are, they won’t be a good investment if they’re not also functional. We know that our clients have a wide range of functional needs. Some want to maximize privacy to ensure they can use their outdoor/indoor spaces without worrying about prying eyes.

Others are looking for wall systems that will protect them from the elements. Louisiana gets its fair share (and then some!) of high temperatures and radiating sunlight. Wall systems include shutters and shades that can help provide shading that significantly lowers the temperature.

During hurricane season, trust that LAS’s wall systems are built to protect against high winds and driving rain. We know that not only do you need privacy and comfort, but you need to know that your wall system can help protect your home from the elements, too.

LAS functional wall system exterior

Wall Systems That Are Built to Last

  • An investment in a new wall system is an investment in your home – and you deserve to know that you’re spending your money wisely. You can trust that everything we install is built to last.
  • Our wall systems are designed, built, and installed specifically for the Gulf South climate. They are moisture- and UV-light-resistant and are built to stand up to flying debris and extreme Louisiana weather.
  • We use an AAMA 2604 powder coating on our shutters and doors. It is applied using an electrostatic process with a continuous film fusion to the metal. What does this mean for you? It means it’s built to last in Louisiana weather conditions.
  • The humidity can get extreme here, but that’s not a worry with LAS products. You’ll have no worries about rotting or warping, and no annual maintenance that you’d have with wood. We use materials, finishes, and seals that require little or no maintenance.

What Makes LAS Unique?

You will not find another company like LAS to design, manufacture, and install your wall systems. We have been in business for more than six decades. We own all of our own designs, which means no one else can create them for you.

Every single component we install in our shutters, privacy walls, and wall systems is designed and built by us. We have total power over improvement and quality thanks to this commitment to involvement in all aspects of the process. In the rare event that an issue arises, we do not have to call a third party to figure out what’s going on. We take immediate responsibility and get the issue sorted out promptly.

Every one of our employees is highly trained to work with our products. They are extremely knowledgeable about our products and can help you find the right options for your particular needs. We have been caring for and providing optimal products and experiences for our clients for many years. We look forward to you becoming our newest satisfied customer.


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