Replacement Windows

When you get replacement windows in New Orleans and the Gulf South, you're investing in the long-term function and use of your home. We know that you need windows that look great and work perfectly. You need windows that increase the energy efficiency of your home. Finally, they must stand up to the weather extremes of our Gulf South climate.
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It’s time.

At LAS, we know windows.

For 60+ years, we've been assisting Gulf South residents with replacement windows for their homes. Our team helps you through every step of the process—from design to manufacturing to installation.

If you're looking for replacement windows in New Orleans or the greater Gulf South, we're here to help. Contact our team at any time with your questions or to set up a free estimate. If you're not sure where to begin, we also have a comprehensive Windows 101 guide. It defines the terms you'll see and the quality standards your windows need to meet in the Gulf South.


Do I Need Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows are one of the single best upgrades you can make to your home for usability, energy savings, and curb appeal. It may be time to look for replacement windows when any of the following occur.

Your windows are broken, unsafe, or damaged

You need to lower your home's energy costs

You're ready to sell and want to improve resale value

You need better access and ease-of-use

Our Vinyl Replacement Windows

Rather than creating a window that works well enough in multiple climates, at LAS we have focused our efforts on designing windows that are made for the Gulf South. What does this mean?

The LAS Difference

Our windows are made of premium materials that lower your energy costs and protect your home during storms

Our window frames are made of high-quality vinyl that stands up the best in our hot and humid climate

We design windows that are easy for your family to operate and maintain over the years

You'll work with our local team every step of the way, from design to future service requests

We make all of our replacement windows in New Orleans with high-quality vinyl frames. It's a detail that can't be overlooked. Wooden window frames can rot or warp within only a few years with our humidity. Frames made from aluminum or other sub-optimal window base materials cannot achieve the same performance as vinyl without costly design additions that result in a much more expensive product for the same performance.

We also offer many replacement window options that can make your home more usable and comfortable. From double-hung windows to sliders to casements, our team can design a space that works best for your family.

Our Manufacturing And Installation Process

High-quality materials are only one way we ensure the durability of your replacement windows. At LAS Shutters + Windows, we manage every part of the installation and manufacturing process behind them, too.

What We Do

  • Professionally measure every window opening for a perfect fit
  • Custom manufacture every window and frame so it fits your home
  • Use the OSI Quad Max Caulking System to seal your windows
  • Handle installation and any future service requests for your windows

Learn more by watching our manufacturing and installation video.

Energy Efficiency Comes Standard

Most replacement windows simply can't withstand the extremes of our Gulf South climate. New Orleans, for example, experiences monthly averages of 93° in summer along with an average 76% humidity. And, every 2.3 years, the city is brushed by a hurricane.

Your replacement windows need to be strong enough for storms and expertly-designed to minimize heat in your home.

At LAS, we ensure that all windows meet or exceed wind resistance requirements for our region. This includes withstanding wind speeds up to DP90 (182mph) as shown on wind maps. Our WeatherGard III windows meet the Wind and Impact Window Ratings of the Florida Building Code (FBC). This is one of the most rigorous building code standards in the U.S.

Your new windows help regulate the temperature in your home. They reflect heat in the summer and retain it in the winter. This keeps your home cool during hot months and warm during cold months. Here's how.

Energy Efficiency Standards

  • We use E-glass in our windows with low emissivity to reflect infrared light from your home and reduce heat transfer
  • Our windows have the lowest Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) score in the region, without significant tinting
  • We exceed Energy Star ratings for the Southern Region by 30% to help you lower your monthly utility bills
  • Our energy efficient windows with professional installation can reduce your energy usage by 30%

Learn more about our e-glass windows here or our Energy Star rating here.



Replacement windows can revitalize your home. Beyond added curb appeal, they make your home more enjoyable to be in.

Ready to get started? Our team is always here to discuss your design options. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate or find your home's new look by browsing our inspiration gallery now.