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LAS “Knows” windows. Our windows are best in class and second to none. LAS has been in the business of manufacturing and installing our own windows for decades. No other company in the gulf south can say that. Our engineers continuously tweak our window design guaranteeing maximum performance in our extreme climate.
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Made for the Gulf South

When it comes to choosing replacement windows for your home that can withstand the challenges of our Gulf Coast climate, while providing exceptional energy efficiency, LAS WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows are the ideal choice. These windows are not just ordinary windows. They are a perfect mix of advanced technology, skilled craftsmanship, and high-quality materials.

LAS WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows are strong and durable. They are made from high-quality vinyl and reinforced with steel. Using virgin vinyl makes the windows strong and durable, able to withstand tough weather without losing their strength. The added reinforcement of steel enhances their sturdiness, providing you with the peace of mind that your windows are built to stand the test of time.


Vinyl Window Features

WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows are highly energy efficient and have earned the prestigious ENERGY STAR™ certification. These windows use advanced Low E-Glass technology to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This helps keep your indoor temperature stable all year, easing pressure on your HVAC system and possibly saving energy.

WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows are argon gas-filled, enhancing their thermal performance even further. Argon gas reduces heat transfer, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient with its low thermal conductivity.

Customization is at the core of LAS WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows. Each window is custom-built and double-paned to ensure a precise fit for your home. LAS carefully measures to make sure your windows are accurate within 1/8 inch, avoiding mistakes. This custom approach ensures your new windows blend in with your home's design, making it look better from the outside.

With the custom design process, you can choose different options for your windows, such as tempered or obscured glass. This feature adds extra security and lets you have privacy without blocking natural light.

WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows are not only energy-efficient, but also come with additional features that add value. If you live in a loud area, you'll like how these windows reduce outside noise. Enjoy a peaceful and serene living space, shielded from the distractions of the outside world.

Safety is paramount, and LAS understands this well. WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows have strong locks for safety, giving you peace of mind that your home and family are protected. The double ventilation latches let you adjust airflow and enjoy a breeze while keeping your windows secure.

WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows have impressive Design Pressure (DP) ratings. These ratings range from DP-40 to DP-85. The specific rating depends on the window style and size.

The ratings indicate the windows' ability to withstand varying wind speeds. This makes them a suitable choice for homes located in hurricane-prone regions.

The LAS Difference

LAS's commitment to excellence extends beyond manufacturing, we also take pride in our professional installation services. When you choose LAS, you receive high-quality windows. The expert installers at LAS ensure that your windows are installed safely and efficiently. The end result is a perfect look that makes your home more beautiful and also helps it use energy more efficiently.

In conclusion, LAS WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows embody the perfect combination of performance, energy efficiency, and customization. With their durable construction, energy-saving features, and precision fit, these windows are guaranteed to elevate your home to new levels of comfort and aesthetic appeal. Trust LAS for custom manufacturing and installation of WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows for your home.

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With LAS, you can be confident that you're investing in the best for your home and your family's well-being.


LAS Windows Vinyl Windows

LAS custom manufactures vinyl replacement windows within 1/8 of an inch to ensure the perfect fit for your home.

LAS Windows Vinyl Windows Interior

LAS custom manufactures vinyl replacement windows.

LAS Windows Vinyl Windows

LAS custom manufactures and installs replacement windows.

LAS Windows Vinyl Windows

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