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To guarantee proper installation of our windows and doors, LAS sends all of our lead installers to the window Installation Masters Certification Program.  All instructor candidates go through a five-day, comprehensive training course. This training course consists of two days of learning installer material and one day learning teaching techniques. The details of the training program include; design consideration, types of windows, types of doors, new construction installation, replacement window installation, and codes/standards/specifications. A final examination of 168 questions is then taken, with a passing score no less than 90%.

Benefits of certified Installation Masters Installers:

  • Fewer call-backs due to poor installation
  • Less long-term liability due to water intrusion
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved owner satisfaction

Did you know?

  • Manufacturers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in field service costs every year fixing complaints about:
    • Air/water infiltration
    • Window and door operation
    • Condensation and sound resistance
    • Damage due to improper handling and storage
  • Millions of BTU’s of energy are wasted every year due to improperly installed products.
  • Millions of dollars are awarded through litigation as a result of faulty installation.

Each installer certification lasts for a period of up to 4 years and all certified window installation masters receive a certificate and photo ID card. With this proof of training, you can rest assured of your installer’s knowledge of the industry’s best installation practices and ability to apply that knowledge in the field.