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Featuring a single operable sash, single-hung windows are the most commonly installed modern replacement window.
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When you want to bring natural sunlight into your home, classic and timeless single hung windows are always a great choice. At LAS Shutters + Windows, we've been installing single hung windows in New Orleans and the surrounding areas for over 60 years. Simply put, we know windows and we can help with your next project.

Timeless Simplicity

When most people think of windows, they think of single hung windows. These windows have two panels (called sashes). The upper sash is fixed and stationary, while the bottom sash can move vertically to open your window.

While there are many different types of windows—from double-hung to casement to fixed—single hung are the classic choice for a number of reasons.

Whether you're looking for windows for your new home or trying to find replacement windows, the process can seem overwhelming. This article covers some of the main features and benefits of single hung windows. You can also review our Windows 101 guide to learn more about the terms and standards you'll see when comparing windows.

And, you can always reach out to the LAS team directly with any questions you have. We're happy to help when it comes to choosing your windows!

Single Hung Windows Vs. Double Hung

Casement, fixed, and architectural windows all have specific functions and purposes in a home. For the majority of homeowners, though, you'll have to make the decision between single hung windows and double hung for the windows throughout most of your home.

Unlike single hung windows, double hung windows have two sashes that you can open. This means you can open just the top portion to let in a breeze, open both, or just open the lower. There are also benefits when it comes to cleaning the outside of the panes, especially if you have a two-story home.

On the other hand, single hung windows have their own benefits.

LAS architectural Single Hung Window

Single Hung Window Benefits

More affordable for homeowners, often up to 10-20% cheaper than double-hungs

Greater weather resistance since they have fewer moving parts

Comes in multiple shapes, styles, and finishes to match your home

Naturally more energy efficient than other types, because there are less seams

Types Of Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows match a variety of home styles—from modern, open-concept homes to historical homes. Single Hung windows are the most popular type of operable window sold in the US. Single hung windows perform great in hot, humid environments; where you are predominantly spending money cooling your home, as the main objective is keeping the hot air out.

At LAS Shutters + Windows, we offer single hung windows in New Orleans with:

  • Low e-glass that limits heat from coming into your home during summer
  • ENERGY STAR rated specifications
  • A removable lower sash for easier cleaning
  • An exterior screen for the lower sash portion of your window
  • Winteq caulking system for a secure and weather-resistant finish
  • A durable, low-maintenance finish with high-quality vinyl frames that will not fade, blister, or peel

You can also customize your windows to meet your needs. Choose from:

  • Windows in the Oriel design with a 60/40 or 70/30 split (determines the location of the break between the sashes)
  • The following architectural shapes: single hung extended arch or single hung extended eyebrow
  • Frame colors in blue-white, cream-white, or beige
  • Multiple internal and external grid styles and patterns

LAS exterior shot of single hung windows on brick home

The LAS Difference

We've been designing and installing windows in the Gulf South for over 60 years, and it shows.

Unlike brands that design for the whole U.S., we focus locally to produce the highest-quality product for our unique climate. Our team of local engineers builds windows that are suited for the heat, humidity, and hurricanes.

Wooden window frames rot within a few years in our heat and humidity. Inexpensive vinyl or aluminum frames wear out quickly. That's why we only use high-quality vinyl window frames with all of our products. This means our windows are easier to maintain over the years, safer from theft and storms, and easier to operate for your family.

At LAS Shutters + Windows, our local team manages every part of the process when you're getting new windows.

What Our Team Does

Handles your initial free estimate, measuring every single opening

Custom designs and builds every window so it fits your home perfectly

Complies with LAS standards to install every single window properly

Works with you directly if you have any questions or service issues

Wood-framed windows can rot out in less than five years in our climate. Windows without e-glass technology and a high Solar Heat Gain Coefficient allow heat into the home, leading to higher energy costs.

We know our windows work for the Gulf South climate, because we've been designing, manufacturing, and installing them right here for over 60 years.

All of our LAS windows are designed to lower your energy costs and protect your home.

  • Low SHGC scores: Ours have the lowest Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) score in the region without significant tinting (this score predicts how fast the sun's heat will transfer through your windows)
  • Energy Star rated: We lead the industry in energy efficiency by exceeding Energy Star ratings for the Southern Region, meaning you can keep your utility bills in check
  • Low e-glass: This technology reflects back heat during the summer months, retains heat in the winter, and reduces damage from ultraviolet light
  • FBC compliant: Our WeatherGard III windows are approved by the Wind and Impact Window Ratings of the Florida Building Code (FBC), one of the most rigorous building code standards in the nation
  • Rated for winds and hurricanes: All LAS windows are properly rated (or exceed) the requirements for our region's wind maps up to DP90 (182mph)
  • Expert installation: We support all of our installations by using the high-quality OSI QUAD® MAX caulking system to seal our windows, and our installers are AAMA "Installation Masters"

LAS single hung windows

Our Manufacturing Process
For over six decades, the LAS team has been manufacturing windows to match our customer's specifications exactly. Want to learn how we create windows that are made for our Gulf South climate? Watch the following video to learn more.

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