Colonial Shutters

Evoke classic style and warmth with Colonial shutters from LAS. Inspired by the architectural styles of the Colonial U.S., these shutters provide a gorgeous look and long-lasting protection for your home.
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Combining the warm look of wood with the unrivaled durability of high-quality aluminum, our Colonial shutters grace some of the most beautiful homes in the Gulf South's historic districts.

For over 60 years at LAS Shutters + Windows, we've designed shutters for our community's homes. We know that colonial shutters not only look gorgeous—they also provide much-needed protection from our region's storms. They're one of the most cost-effective ways to both defend and dress up your home.

This page covers the many benefits of Colonial shutters, but if you aren't quite sure how they work, review our Shutters 101 guide. You can also reach out to the LAS team with any questions. With decades of experience in the Gulf South, our team knows shutters!

LAS green colonial shutter exterior shot

Designed for Your Home

When you're choosing shutters, we know you want a style that elevates your home's character. Especially in the Gulf South, and cities like New Orleans, the region's rich history is a vital component of this. From richly colored homes to inspired wrought-iron work, our community is awash in elegant and enduring architecture from a previous time.

You can continue this tradition with our Colonial shutters. Used since the time of the U.S. Colonies, this type of shutter has protected homes from storms, welcomed in cooling breezes, and added beauty to homes for centuries.

At LAS Shutters + Windows, we celebrate this heritage by offering multiple finishes and features for our Colonial shutters. Beyond these, you can custom match the color of your shutters to match your home.

Customize your shutters

Horizontal breaks are a timeless accent that add depth

Sized to fit every opening perfectly to function correctly, including archtops

Dress up your shutters S-hook holdbacks or other optional cast iron hardware

Add warmth and a layered look with decorative vertical rods

Made for Safety and Ease

Shutters aren't just decorative pieces. They're hardworking components of your home's security and use. At LAS, we focus on building shutters made for our Gulf South climate. From hot humid days to severe hurricane events, we know that high-quality, powder-coated aluminum shutters are the best choice.

Why is that?

Unlike wooden shutters, our aluminum shutters won't rot in the humidity. They're easier to operate and maintain over time. And, they come in decorative, operable, and storm-rated classifications. We invite you to learn more about our hurricane shutters here.

LAS exterior shot of colonial shutter hinge

Benefits of LAS shutters

Guaranteed to never rot or crack, unlike wooden or vinyl shutters

Enjoy better home security with interior locking mechanisms

Improved insulation from temperature variations and outside noise

Available in storm-rated options that comply with (or exceed) top standards

Our Colonial Shutters Process

At LAS Shutters + Windows, we manage every step of the process. Our team takes the initial measurements and then manufactures custom shutters for your unique home. We don't stop there. The installation process is a critical step to make sure your shutters will protect your home for years to come. That's why we have our local teams handle installation as well, and also respond to service calls on all of our products.

Want to see how our team creates shutters for your home? Watch the following video to learn more.