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Since 1957, LAS Shutters + Windows has been an active part of the southern Louisiana community. For over 60 years, our windows, shutters, and doors have graced some of the most beautiful houses in our area. But, perhaps one of our most enduring legacies has been a fun advertising campaign started in 1973. As we move into a new decade, we're thrilled to re-introduce the Ugly to a new generation of homeowners!

The history of the Ugly

meet the uglyIn 1973, our founder Leon Szyller created an ad with a green, fanged monster with the slogan "Fight the Uglies!" It became an instant community hit. The ugly monster leering from a rotting piece of wood personified homeowners' worries: damage, rot, and disrepair creep up slowly on a home, turning it from a refuge to a disaster.

With LAS, homeowners had a friend in the fight and a team to call if their house got hit with the "uglies." This nostalgic piece of New Orleans remains part of our cultural landscape, with vintage t-shirts as collectible memorabilia.

Re-introducing the Ugly

We're bringing back the Ugly to 2020, with an updated look and new TV spots because, now more than ever, homeowners are prey to the Uglies. At LAS, we're committed to helping our customers fight the Uglies!

Why is it so important now? Today's homes are much bigger investments than they were in the 1970s. Home values are far outpacing inflation, almost twice as fast in some communities. Allowing the Uglies in simply isn't an option.

When it comes to selling, curb appeal is also more important. The majority of buyers begin their search online and with photos. If the Ugly crops up in those photos, that means your potential buyer has already moved onto the next home. Your home's first impression is so important, in fact, that 94% of real estate agents recommend improving a home's curb appeal before listing it for sale.

Just as importantly, this year's active hurricane season proved that frequent storms can have a measurable impact on our community's inland cities. For over 60 years at LAS, we've designed products that are made for and built in the Gulf South. Recent technology has allowed our LAS designers to further refine our design standards and materials to stand up to these storms.

Fight the Uglies with LAS

Battle the fright, fight the Uglies, and vanquish vicious attacks on your home with the LAS team on your side. For over 60 years, we've helped homeowners fight back against outdated and unsafe features to improve curb appeal and safety in their homes.

If your home is being attacked by the Uglies, give our team a call today. We provide free, fast estimates so we can transform your home from Ugly to Stunning!

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