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The LAS RollGard Shutter has set the standard for storm protection and security by combining the highest quality materials and engineering. All components of the shutter from the slat design to the exceptionally quiet motors (available as an option) are designed and fabricated to provide years of quiet and secure operation.
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When hurricane season hits, you want the best protection for your home. These major weather events hit our area with average winds of 109 mph and can lead to large-scale damage to homes and commercial storefronts. During a hurricane, windows and doors are the most vulnerable points in any building. At LAS Shutters + Windows, we've served the Gulf South community exclusively for over 60 years. One of our superior hurricane protection products is RollGard shutters. These high-quality shutters set the standard for storm protection and security. This is what you can expect.

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Designed for The Gulf South Climate

At LAS, we've dedicated our workforce and products to address the unique needs of our area. Unlike other parts of the U.S., the Gulf South is characterized by frequent coastal storms, with hot and humid summers.

Whether you're protecting your home or business, RollGard shutters are designed for durability in our hot, humid climate. They comply with (or exceed) wind and impact ratings for the Florida Building Code, SBCCI standards, and ASTM specifications.

Benefits of our RollGard shutters

Designed from the highest quality materials

Provide years of quiet and secure operation

Custom manufactured to fit your window perfectly

Unique Dual slat design makes it virtually impossible to pry open

Custom Made, Every Time

At LAS, we custom-make all of our RollGard shutters to fit your space exactly, whether that's your home, storefront, or another building. Since they're custom, you can protect larger windows, doors, or unique window shapes.

Choose from the following features

Exceptionally quiet and easy motorized functions

Exceptionally quiet and easy motorized functions

Keyed options to secure your windows and doors

A variety of mounting options for a seamless look

Different colors to match your home's style

Why LAS Is Your Best Choice

Protecting your home and loved ones is the most important part of our job. It's not a responsibility we take lightly or trust to anyone else. From start to finish, the local LAS Shutters + Windows team is in charge of every aspect of your RollGard shutters project.

What we do





The LAS Process

A shutter only works if it's secured properly. That's why we focus on professional installation as an integral step of the process. Our local team ensures that your RollGard shutters fit perfectly in your windows. They also install the highest-grade anchoring components, locking mechanisms, and other components.

Learn more about the LAS manufacturing and installation process in the following video.

Find Your Inspiration

For long-lasting, durable, and superior protection during storms, your best choice is RollGard shutters at LAS. Reach out to the LAS team for a free estimate or with questions. Our local team is always here to answer questions and provide more information about your next project.

Ready to see more? See our RollGard shutters on community homes and businesses below.