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Leon Szyller, founder of LAS Enterprises, created the “Fight the Uglies!” campaign in 1973.  The campaign urged customers to let LAS Enterprises help them “Fight the Uglies” on their homes.  The ad featured a small green creature with large claws and lots of nasty-looking sharp teeth.  “FIGHT THE UGLIES!” the ad proclaimed, “Call LAS Enterprises for help with all your home improvement needs.”



The unique phrase, coupled with pictures of an “Ugly Monster” sitting on the rotting wood of an old house, became an instant hit. “Fight the Uglies” soon grew to be an LAS trademark.  In 1977, LAS Enterprises began giving customers free “Fight the Uglies” T-shirts.

Today, the T-shirts are considered nostalgic pieces of New Orleans memorabilia.  Customers across the Gulf Coast region know that LAS Enterprises is the team to call when their homes start to look ugly and outdated.

Richard Maia, CEO of LAS Enterprises has decided to bring back the “Fight the Uglies” campaign.  LAS is excited to help you Fight the Uglies in 2015, just as we’ve been doing since 1957.  That’s almost sixty years!

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.  At LAS, we know home improvement, and we’re here for you.  So if your home is being attacked by the “Uglies”, give us a call today and Fight the Uglies with LAS Enterprises!

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