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A home with LAS windows after choosing the best windows for their home.

When you’re investing in new windows, you want to feel confident that you’re choosing the right options. At LAS we know these are big decisions and it’s our goal to ensure you have all the information you need to choose windows that will serve your home for years to come. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the things you should look for when choosing the best window options for your home. If you have questions, contact us for answers or to request a free estimate.

Do Not Choose a Brand Name Just Because You’ve Heard of It 

Do you want to choose windows made by trusted manufacturers? Yes. But the fact that you’ve heard of a brand is not enough reason in and of itself. You’ll find that every salesperson for every major brand is going to tell you that theirs are the best windows in the business. 

Instead of taking anyone’s word for it, do your own research to find out how they stand up to the rest. 

Choose a Brand that Offers Custom Fabrication 

Watch out for pre-hung or off-the-shelf windows. At LAS, our windows are custom fabricated to exact specifications ensuring that each component fits precisely and exactly to your home — not the other way around.

A great example is our WeatherGard II windows, which are custom manufactured within 1/8” of the measurement specifications and fabricated to order for a precise and lasting fit. With LAS windows, you can be sure that your windows will match without making adjustments to the exterior or interior walls. Watch our Window Video to see the LAS Difference!

Consider the EnergyStar Rating 

In the South, humidity is tough on windows. In fact, 25% of all the energy used for heating and cooling is literally lost. If you have leaky windows and are losing heat, you will have rising energy costs each month. 

At LAS, our windows are manufactured in our climate to fit our climate. In fact, LAS’ energy star rating exceeds the Southern U.S. requirements by 30%.

Look for an E-Glass Rating

E-Glass is a surface on your glass that reflects infrared light (heat) and is an important feature for energy efficiency. But not all E-Glass is alike. At LAS, we exclusively use a soft coat Low E named Cardinal® LoĒ³-366 Glass. Not only does this particular E-Glass have impressive insulating qualities, but it also surpasses the performance of any other Solar Control Low-E glass on the market.  

Make sure you have the lowest E-glass rating on your windows, one that reflects 40% – 70% of the sun’s energy right back where it came from because that means your home will stay cooler.

Review Wind and Impact Ratings

Wind and impact window ratings are crucial in choosing the best window. For our customers' utmost protection, LAS underwent the arduous process of obtaining authorization for our window products by the Florida Building Code. Our approvals are available for examination on the Florida Building Code website or you can review our wind and impact ratings for more information. 

Take Cleaning and Maintenance into Consideration 

You can choose from a variety of window types, styles, and materials. When doing so, think about how easy (or difficult) they will be to clean and maintain. For example, wood windows are rarely used in our climate for a number of reasons, including the maintenance required when installed in humid regions. 

On the other hand, vinyl windows are very simple to clean and maintain. They don’t rust, they don’t rot, and they don’t require much more than an occasional wash and wipe down.


Ask Questions About Every Estimate You Receive 

When a window company provides an estimate for your new windows, make sure you ask all the essential questions. For example, when they quote you a price, ask them:

  • What does the quote include? Windows, installation, and cleanup? Or is the installation extra? The last thing you want is to think you’ve made the right choice only to discover that you owe hundreds more on the day of installation. 
  • What is the breakdown of the cost? If you’re getting quotes from several companies, you’ll need a way to compare them. Knowing how much the windows cost themselves, how much the installation is, and what other fees, taxes, and costs make up the total estimate can help you determine which is the best option. 

One thing to keep in mind is that many window manufacturers have wide distribution. As a result, you might find different resellers and window installation companies that are offering the exact same product but using a different brand name. 

The best way to make sure you’re not paying 20% more for the same windows is to ask the companies what makes their windows better. Ask for specifics, like EnergyStar ratings, E-Glass ratings, and more. Once you have these facts down, you can better determine what the best window is. 

Find the Best Window at the Best Price

It’s important to always keep at the front of your mind that the best price does not always mean the lowest price. Value does not mean finding the cheapest option on the market – it means finding the best quality product at the most affordable price. 

We recommend starting with a budget in mind and working back from there. Again, make sure you’re talking to the window company to determine why their most expensive options are priced as they are. What are you getting for that extra money? You might determine that it’s worth the extra price or you might decide to choose a more affordable option.

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