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There are several things to look at when choosing the best window for your home. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.


You should not pick a brand name just because you have heard it before.  Of course, every sales person is going to tell you there product is the best, but there is more to a good product meets the eye. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Custom Fabrication: Watch out for pre-hung or off-the-shelf windows. At LAS, our windows are custom fabricated to exact specifications ensuring that each component fits precisely and exactly to your home — not the other way around.
  • Energy Star rating:  In the South, humidity is tough on windows. In fact, 25% of all the energy used for heating and cooling is literally lost. If you have leaky windows and are losing heat, you will have rising energy costs each month. At LAS, our windows are manufactured in our climate to fit our climate. In fact, LAS’ energy star rating exceeds the Southern U.S. requirements by 30%.
  • E Glass rating: E-Glass is a surface on your glass that reflects infrared light (heat) and is an important feature for energy efficiency. But not all E-Glass is alike. At LAS, we exclusively use a soft coat Low E named Cardinal® LoĒ³-366 Glass. Not only does this particular E-Glass have impressive insulating qualities, it also surpasses the performance of any other Solar Control Low-E glass on the market.  Make sure you have the lowest E glass rating on your windows, one that reflects 40% – 70% of the sun’s energy right back where it came from, because that means your home will stay cooler.
  • Make sure your windows are easy to clean and maintenance free:

The LAS WeatherGard II Vinyl Windows are custom-built, double-paned glass, vinyl replacement windows that are ENERGY STAR™ rated for energy efficiency. Manufactured from virgin vinyl and reinforced with steel, they are durable, easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free. WeatherGard II windows are custom manufactured within 1/8” of the measurement specifications and fabricated to order for a precise and lasting fit. With LAS windows, you can be sure that your windows will match without making adjustments to the exterior or interior walls. Watch our Window Video to see the LAS Difference!


Because most manufacturers have a wide distribution, different resellers will offer the same product under a different brand name. This is done so that the resellers or contractors do not have to compete directly on price. Therefore, if you get two quotes for the same product, and you are being told one is better, make sure you understand the reasons why.


When researching a company on the Better Business Bureau, pay attention to the section under Advertising Review.  Sometimes a company’s advertisement will be discontinued due to violations of The Federal Truth in Lending Act. For Example, in 2015, Window World had to pull an advertisement that claimed “15 months, no interest, with approved credit”.

If you are looking for more information or would like to speak to an LAS representative for a FREE Estimate, contact us today!

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