Hurricane Windows

Designed to withstand and diffuse impact from flying debris from tropical storms and hurricanes, WeatherGard III Impact Windows are manufactured with many of the same materials and processes as our double-paned vinyl windows.
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If you're looking for premium protection from hurricanes in the Gulf South, impact-resistant hurricane windows are one of the best ways to protect your home. Whether you're renovating your current home or designing a new build, we can help. At LAS Shutters + Windows we've set the standard for hurricane windows in New Orleans and surrounding communities for over 60 years. We know windows. And, we know how to keep your home safe.

What Are Hurricane Windows?

The New Orleans area experiences a hurricane approximately every 2.3 years, with winds averaging 109 mph. These high winds can lead to property damage in a few ways. Flying projectiles can shatter windows, damage your house exterior, and wreck your outdoor living areas.

When a storm hits, though, windows are usually the weakest point in your home. They can shatter, but worse, a broken window can lead to a huge pressure shift in your home. This can lead to the roof blowing off in some cases.

Impact-resistant hurricane windows protect your home when other windows can't.

These types of windows are made from glass that was first manufactured for automobile windshields. Like windshields, these windows have a strong laminate interlayer set between the panes of glass. When an impact occurs, this laminate layer takes the impact forces; and prevents the projectile from entering home and creating pressure problems. The glass will not shatter and fly into house when struck either; it will remain attached to this inner laminate membrane.

Besides safety during hurricanes, these windows operate like any normal window. They also come with some other key benefits.

Hurricane Window Benefits

Low e-glass options improve your home's energy efficiency

Deters theft by making windows hard to break

Can save you money on insurance premiums

Additional laminate layer reduces outside noise

Why Choose LAS Hurricane Windows?

At LAS, we're dedicated to ensuring your family's safety. That's why our WeatherGard III windows meet the wind and impact standards for the Florida Building Code, one of the most rigorous building code standards in the U.S. They also meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (or ASTM) specifications.

Our team lives and works in the Gulf South area, too. Rather than design windows that work decently for a large region, we've focused on developing the highest-quality windows for our climate. With frequent storms and humid summers, homeowners near New Orleans need windows that are better than decent.

LAS windows are made to perform in our climate, with its unique demands. That's the LAS difference.

Learn more about our custom building and installation process in the following video.

Our Manufacturing Process
For over six decades, the LAS team has been manufacturing windows to match our customer's specifications exactly. Want to learn how we create windows that are made for our Gulf South climate? Watch the following video to learn more.

Protect Your Home

If you're ready to learn more about our windows, review our Windows 101 guide for more information. You'll learn about our installation process and our commitment to designing energy efficient windows there. Below, you'll also find our inspiration gallery from our previous happy customers.

We also design hurricane shutters for additional protection. You can learn more about the differences between impact-resistant hurricane windows vs. shutters here. Or, feel free to reach out to the LAS team with any questions you have. We're always happy to help!