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First impressions matter—and that's no less true when it comes to your home. Whether you're planning to sell soon or stay in your home for decades, boosting your curb appeal does something special. From the driveway or sidewalk, it tells visitors that your home is welcoming and warm. Our latest exterior shutter ideas at LAS Shutters + Windows go beyond a few new planter boxes to renovations that improve the look, use, and security of your home.

Embrace unique colors that uplift your home’s aesthetic

Especially in New Orleans, we love adding rich, exciting colors to a home with exterior shutters. These add a finishing touch that you can't achieve with other renovations.

Beyond bringing in color to your home's exterior, they add depth and help match it to other historic homes in your community.

Expand your outdoor living space with custom exterior shutter projects

At LAS, we love designing custom privacy walls and other outdoor shutter projects. These exterior privacy walls truly revitalize the way you can enjoy your home. It's an easy way to add more square feet of livable space, so you can relish summer dinners under the stars or your morning coffee in the sunshine.

Talk about an upgrade! These recent projects show just how much custom exterior shutters can add to your home. At LAS: Shutters + Windows, we create custom-made shutters for any size or shape so they fit your space perfectly.

Protect your home without sacrificing its looks

In the Gulf South, we know how important it is to protect your home, especially during hurricane season. Exterior shutters look great, but they're also one of the best ways to safeguard your home's interior.

The newest hurricane shutters complement your home's other design elements. They come in easy-to-use rolling or automatic options as well for unbeatable protection.

Design exterior shutters that give you more secure storage

Privacy walls can create more usable living space outside, but shutters can also add much-needed storage.

For one of our recent projects, we created a storage space under a home. Not only does this hide unattractive yard equipment and bags, but it also protects them from the elements without taking up shed or garage space.

Create warmth and drama with classic shutter styles

Finally, from the sidewalk, a house decked in classic shutters simply looks more elegant.

These time-honored shutter styles are custom-made to match the style and color of your home, while also adding functionality.

Learn more about exterior shutters

If you're ready to start your custom exterior shutter project in the Gulf South, give us a call at LAS to learn about all of your options. Our team provides FREE estimates for designing and installing the most beautiful shutters for your home.

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