6 Reasons Outdoor Privacy Shutters Should Be Your Next Home Project

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6 Reasons Outdoor Privacy Shutters Should Be Your Next Home Project

Privacy shutters simply refer to custom-built screens or shutters that can block lines-of-sight into an outdoor area. You may have also heard them referred to as exterior plantation shutters or patio screens. Outdoor privacy shutters are a simple project to undertake for your home that can lead to big immediate benefits, especially if you spend a lot of time outside. Need some more inspiration for starting your next project? Here's 6 of the best reasons to install outdoor privacy shutters.

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Expand your comfortable outdoor living space

If you currently have open outside areas that are virtually unused and neglected, screen them in with privacy screens to create places where you can read, entertain, play with the kids, or relax.

Outdoor privacy shutters also allow you to create multiple living spaces in your yard. For example, you can create an enclosed areas for cooking and entertaining, while another doubles as a small escape area complete with hammock and loungers.

Customize to fit your needs, easily and quickly

Today's modern outdoor privacy shutters are easy to operate and customize, no matter the set-up of your space.

Some people opt to install shutters that slide away so you can completely open up your space. Others may enjoy shutters that open outwards at the bottom to allow more airflow, while still maintaining privacy. Finally, some wall setups can be customized to operate on the upper portion only to allow sunlight in.

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Control sun, wind, or rain while enjoying the outside

We all treasure time spent outside. Unfortunately, blinding late afternoon sunlight, cold winds, or rain can ruin what would otherwise be a pleasant experience.

Outdoor privacy shutters also double as a means to control the weather. You can let in as much or as little airflow or sunlight as you want while outside. While not being completely watertight, a privacy wall can still mitigate a significant amount of water from rainfall.

Dampen sounds from the road or neighbors

If you're near a busy road, or just have loud neighbors, outdoor privacy screens can actually dampen those sounds as well.

Add texture and interest to a small patio

City-dwellers can also benefit from privacy screens! If you're in a populated area, outdoor privacy shutters can help you slice out a space for outside relaxing.

With beautiful shutter color options and styles, these also add interest to a small patio while saving necessary room.

Block line of sight to maintain your privacy

This may be the major reason people install outdoor shutters, but it's also the most important.

With a simple project, you can create a private, restful space where you can truly relax. Whether you have sight to the road, are close to a neighbor's house, or have walkways near your home, these shutters block off any lines of sight so you can ensure you and your family's safety and privacy.

Get a free estimate for your privacy shutters

At LAS Shutters + Windows, we're experts in designing and installing beautiful shutters around your home. Outdoor privacy shutters must be strong enough to withstand our hot and humid Louisiana climate, which is why we always construct our shutters from high-quality aluminum with a durable powder coating.

If you're ready to get started on your outdoor privacy shutters project in the New Orleans area, give us a call today. Our shutter professionals can provide a free estimate for the design, construction, and installation for your project.


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