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WINTeQ Caulking System

We know that if you’re looking to replace your windows, like most consumers, you will research the best options.  You’ll want windows that are easy to operate, energy efficient and that look great.  There are many options out there with a range of features.  By this time, you have likely learned that our line of WeatherGard vinyl windows provide not only superior functionality and storm protection, but will also beautify your home.   To learn more about the manufacturing process, watch our manufacturing video.

Whatever decision you reach, You’ll also want to ensure that your windows are installed properly.  Installation services are another area in which LAS is superior to its competition.  Once the window is installed, we seal it with WINTeQ caulking system.  Many of our competitors don’t warranty their installation.  They also use a silicone caulking to seal the windows after installation.  Our research concludes that some silicone caulking systems do not adhere well to vinyl, thus leading to moisture penetration increasing the potential for mold and mildew, as well as air loss.

WINTeQ caulking system uses a silicone specifically designed with vinyl windows in mind.  The WINTeQ system provides a necessary barrier of protection in our humid climate to prevent these issues from occurring.  It’s another way to demonstrate that we provide superior products with our climate and customer in mind.  And, we warranty our windows as well as our installation.  At LAS, “We Know” windows, right down to the final installation process, and it’s why we exclusively use WINTeQ caulking system.

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