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Custom Manufactured Windows Matter.  Customization makes a world of difference.  For example, it’s not often that a man can walk into a department store and wear a suit off the rack.  At the very least, adjustments can be expected in the sleeves, pant inseam and hem.  Likewise, a woman shopping for a wedding dress rarely finds one that doesn’t need some alteration.


In window shopping, there is no “one size fits all” and “stock”, or “standard sized” windows will not always meet your measurement specifications.  There are many reasons for this.  An older home’s frame could have shifted over time, changing the dimensions of the opening.  Even though your existing windows are a standard measurement, the frame may not have been built quite as such. Your existing windows may have performed well for you in the past, but if you’ve been experiencing a draft from your windows in the cooler months or feel warm air penetrating your living space in the summer, it could be that your window frames have shifted over time.   When that occurs, a contractor may have to make adjustments to the frame to get a replacement window to fit.


Another frustration would be that once the frame is adjusted, the exterior facade and, in some cases, the interior walls, may need alterations to maintain the home’s symmetry.  Simply said, there may be a lot of work involved in purchasing a “stock” window.  This can add to the cost of what seemed like a more affordable option.  Finally, stock windows have a reputation of needing replacement over the lifespan of owning a home because of the inferior integrity.  In the long run, purchasing “stock” windows is really not an improvement to your home.

LAS Window Installation
All LAS windows are custom manufactured within 1/8 of an inch to ensure a perfect fit, allowing for maximum energy savings.

At LAS, all of our windows are custom manufactured within 1/8” of the measurement specifications.  With custom manufactured windows, you are assured that your windows will match without having to make adjustments to the exterior or interior walls.  More importantly, Custom manufactured windows will have a perfect fit, allowing for the highest possible energy efficiency, in addition to maximizing comfort in your home.  Having said all of this, not all custom manufactured windows are created equal.  To see all of the exceptional features of an LAS window, click here: LAS WeatherGard Vinyl Windows and Watch our Window Video to see the LAS Difference.


When making an investment in your home, such as replacement windows, it just makes sense to fit the window into the space rather than adjust the space to the window.  Call LAS today for an appointment with one of our experienced staff members.

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