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The FloWhat does it mean for a product to be FBC rated?rida Building Code evaluates products that affect the structural integrity of buildings during hurricanes. With all of the information out there, it is hard to decipher what is what. LAS has put together a short summary to answer the question, “what does it mean for a product to be FBC rated?”

It is based on The American Society of Civil Engineers Standard ASCE 7-98 and requires buildings to withstand wind forces resulting from design wind speeds. The Florida Product Approval System establishes standards for performance of products, materials and systems of construction.

For simplicity, shutters, windows, and doors that have been proven to resist the impact from large windborne debris (defined by the test standards as a 9-pound 2×4 lumber missile striking end on at 34 mph) are referred to as FBC rated products. The standard for approval does not allow the test missile (9-pound 2×4 at 34 mph) to penetrate the unit or protective system, and does not allow it to break the glass behind the protective system. (Penetration pass/fail is determined by whether a 3” diameter steel ball can pass through the shutter post impact.)

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These products in LAS’ window and shutter lines meet Florida Building Code (FBC) requirements.

Bahama Shutter – Approval code: FL17047

Colonial Shutter – Approval code:FL15338

Board & Batten Shutter – Approval code: FL15158

Double Hung Window – Approval code: FL16912

Horizontal Slider Window – Approval code: FL16913

Casement Window – Approval code: FL16914

Single Hung Window – Approval code: FL16915

Fixed Window – Approval code: FL16929-R1

*For more information visit www.floridabuilding.org or call National Accreditation & Management Institute, (804) 684-5124.


• At LAS, all hurricane protection can be built to FBC requirements. FBC installation requirements are included in product packaging. LAS installation is available and encouraged.
• LAS is the only company within 200 miles of New Orleans, with proprietary designs for FBC rated products.
• We design & manufacture our products locally.
• LAS products are warranted & serviced by LAS.

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