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Make sure you understand the terms of the manufacturer’s “lifetime warranty”. Does the lifetime manufacturer warranty mean the owner’s lifetime, the time he or she owns the product, the lifetime of the product itself or the lifetime of the manufacturer?  According to the Federal Trade Commission, deceptive advertising occurs when a warranty period not clearly defined. Make sure you thoroughly read the warranty before you purchase your windows.

Here are some things to look for and ask prior to purchasing your windows:

  • Does your manufacturer warranty cover the labor to install the window?  Most manufacturers only honor a warranty if the window is installed using an “approved and recommended method”. That means if windows leak around the edges because of improper installation, the window manufacturer will not pay for repairs.
  • Does the manufacturer warranty cover the window and sash or only the window? Window makers’ warranties typically don’t cover the sash.
  • Is the manufacturer warranty transferrable to a new owner?  Although there may be a transferrable clause, you may have to pay a fee to have the warranty transferred and some manufacturers only offer a one year warranty to the new owner.
  • Does your manufacturer warranty have a coastal exclusion?  This is important since we live in a coastal climate.


Please read all details of the LAS Warranty here.

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