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Protect your home with security shutters from LAS. These shutters are custom-made and made from durable materials. They provide added protection from break-ins and vandalism for vulnerable parts of your home. Have peace of mind knowing your home is secure.
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Everyone should feel safe and that their home is protected. Home security has seen an increase in popularity. People are looking for ways to protect their families, homes, and belongings. Alarm systems and doorbell cameras are two popular options.  

Security shutters for windows can also help homeowners achieve a sense of safety. At LAS, we strive to make homes look beautiful. We also want to ensure that they are safe and secure with practical and useful features. We’ve been accomplishing this perfect mix for over 60 years for homeowners across Southeast Louisiana. 

Below are the benefits and features available for you to choose from when securing your home with durable, long-lasting shutters. Learn more about the LAS difference by reading our Shutters 101 guide.  

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Protect Your Home with LAS Security Shutters

Security shutters offer physical protection for residential and commercial properties. Made of durable materials, they can increase protection for vulnerable entry points from unauthorized access. LAS offers security shutters for homes and businesses in a variety of styles, operation capabilities, and locking options.  

We know that every window is different – just like the homes on which they are featured. Our team precisely measures and manufactures custom shutters to fit your windows perfectly.  

We consider all elements when building your shutters. These elements include intruders, noise, extreme temperatures, and damaging winds. All of these factors are taken into account to protect your home. 

Our team calls Southeast Louisiana home, so we understand what is required to reinforce homes in our region. In addition to security, LAS residential shutters can be ordered to meet the requirements set by the Florida Building Code, and ASTM specifications for impact protection as well. 

Homeowners in Southeast Louisiana can be confident that their homes will be safeguarded from wind, rain, and intruders. LAS security shutters provide this protection. Built for maximum aesthetic appeal and safety, our shutters are made for our unique climate in the Gulf South.  

Benefits of LAS Security Shutters

Designed with the highest quality materials

Provide years of quiet and secure operation

Custom-manufactured to fit your home perfectly

Interior locking mechanisms for added security

Improved insulation from temperature variations and outside noise

Available in storm-rated options that comply with top standards

Built for Peace of Mind 

While LAS shutters boost curb appeal, they also heighten home security. Our shutters are built to work hard in providing you with peace of mind for years to come. One way we do this is by manufacturing high-quality, powder-coated, aluminum shutters supported by motorized functions and locking options.  

We build high-powered features into every shutter, tailored to your style and needs. Below are a few examples of these features:   

High-Quality Aluminum for Added Protection 

Aluminum shutters are resistant to rot in our Gulf Coast humidity, unlike wooden or vinyl shutters. This material goes even further by being resistant to force, whether strong Gulf winds or unwanted house guests. Homeowners can rest easy knowing that aluminum requires little maintenance, providing you with fortified home protection without serious upkeep. 

Quiet Motorized Functions 

One of our toughest security shutters features quiet motorized functions. These are referred to as RollGard shutters, a type of secure roll-down shutters. Homeowners and business owners can fortify their windows quickly. This can be done with the press of a button, a turn of a crank, or the pull of a lever. Learn more about our RollGard shutters by reading below.  

Interior and Exterior Locking Options  

All of our security shutters feature locking capabilities to protect your home from break-ins. You can keep your LAS shutters locked, no matter the situation. Whether you are traveling out of town, preparing for a storm, or needing extra security, our security shutters have you covered. With LAS shutters, no one is getting in without your permission.  

Mounting Options for Seamless Operation 

Because security shutters must remain operable, our installation team will ensure your shutters are mounted for seamless control. Hinge mounts are necessary for colonial or board and batten shutters. This will enable you to open and close them with ease. You can mount RollGard or accordion shutters either inside or outside the window frame. You can use a built-in mount to keep them concealed or a surface mount to keep them visible. 

Different Colors to Match Your Home’s Style 

While the main purpose of security shutters is to protect your home from intrusions, they can also be made with aesthetic appeal in mind. These shutters will work hard to protect your family, home, and valuables, but you’ll also be looking at them for years to come. We encourage you to pick a shutter color that looks best on your home. Need help picking the best shutter color? Our guide may help.  

Choose the Best Shutter for Your Home’s Security 

When shopping for shutters that provide the utmost protection for your loved ones and sentimental possessions, you have options. LAS offers different types and styles of shutters. You can choose the ones that look the best on your home, or you can also select ones to meet your home security requirements.  

From colonial to RollGard, our team is equipped to measure, manufacture, and install a variety of security shutter styles. We believe in providing our customers with the utmost control for customization, fitting their unique style and needs. Below are a few of the security shutters you can choose from for added protection. 

Colonial Shutters 

With a timeless style, LAS colonial shutters are built as an homage to our region’s historical architecture. These shutters provide a warm wooden look and are made from strong aluminum. They also protect against wind, rain and theft.  

Colonial shutters are a great option for home security. They maintain the distinct and elegant look of historical architecture. They are guaranteed to never rot or crack. Additionally, they can be built with interior locking systems for home security. This ensures maximum security for your home. Colonial shutters are a great option when you want the perfect blend of protection and beauty. 

Board and Batten Shutters 

Board and batten shutters evoke a rustic warmth of a cottage-style home. While they have the aesthetic of the old world, board and batten shutters are built with modern technology. High-quality aluminum keeps them durable in our hot and humid climate, as well as secure with multiple locking options.  

These shutters are easily customizable no matter your aesthetic or functional needs. Your Southeast Louisiana home can be outfitted with depth and practicality, beautifying and protecting your home for years to come. Like our colonial shutters, board and batten shutters provide homeowners with a desirable look and much-needed protection. 

RollGard Shutters 

When it comes to home security, RollGard shutters take it up a notch. They are the standard for protection against storms and intruders. They feature exceptionally quiet motors and a unique dual slat design, making them virtually impossible to pry open.  

RollGard shutters are built custom by LAS, fitting the dimensions of your space exactly. Homeowners and business owners can choose their preferred motorized functions, keyed and mounting options, and shutter colors. Roll-down security shutters are the perfect option when you want an advanced level of security with the ability to hide your shutters with ease.  

Accordion Shutters 

Ideal for large openings, accordion shutters feature an interlocking folding blade system to protect homes against damaging storms and unwanted visitors. These shutters help protect wide panes of glass, folding down seamlessly when not in use. Standard shutters may not fit large window openings. Accordion shutters offer the perfect solution for home security.  

Like many of our other shutter styles, accordion shutters require little to no maintenance, resisting damage such as rot, warps, or cracks. They also feature an interior or exterior locking system for security. Not only will accordion shutters help protect you from burglary, but they will also protect your home from extreme elements, outside noise, and ultraviolet light.  

Our Security Shutters Process 

Here in Southeast Louisiana, LAS Shutters + Windows manages the entire journey of shutter manufacturing and installation. We’ll start by conducting a thorough assessment and provide you with a comprehensive recommendation at an affordable price.  

Our assessment includes taking measurements of your windows, which allow us to make custom security shutters to fortify your home. These measurements, specifications, features, and customizations will then be sent to our manufacturing facility in Southeast Louisiana. At this point, the real work begins. 

Once the security shutters fit our standards, they are ready to be fitted onto your home. Our team will return to your home to install the product. We will do this at a time that suits your schedule. We want to ensure success. Our over 60 years of experience in installation guarantees that.  

From start to finish, we leverage keen attention to detail to secure your home for years to come. Want to see our team in action? Watch our shutter manufacturing video below. 

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For long-lasting protection against severe weather elements and unwanted intruders, choose LAS to get the job done. Contact the LAS team to receive a free estimate. If you have questions about home security shutters, don't hesitate to ask. We are here to answer your questions about security shutters. This includes the features, benefits, and how it fits into your home improvement budget.  

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