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How To Add Curb Appeal With Window And Siding Updates

When most people think of how to add curb appeal, they think immediately of bright planters and shiny mailboxes. While both of those additions work, taking a hard look (and a paintbrush) at your current windows and siding can help you really add that curb appeal prospective buyers will love. And, if you live in the city, it can help set your home apart from other for-sale properties. From DIY weekend projects to full outdoor home remodels, here's how to add curb appeal to your home with simple window and siding updates.

Repair or replace any broken or unsafe windows

Broken windows will be one of the first things a potential buyer notices when visiting your home. And they're also unsafe, allowing easier access to both insects and intruders.

When doing a remodel outside of the home, start with the basics and repair or replace any broken windows. A previous post also touched on more reasons to replace old windows, such as energy savings and ease-of-use.

And, while you're working on your old windows, go ahead and replace any broken screens at the same time.

Start with a clean slate

Before you get into the nitty and gritty aspects of a home remodel, get the nitty gritty off to see what you're working with. That means taking a pressure washer to hard surfaces and a squeegee to windows.  According to REALTORS®, some houses will even see a price increase of $10,000 just by washing the home first.

Pay extra attention to cleaning your:

  • Windows
  • Siding
  • Garage door
  • Decks
  • Paved walkways
  • Fencing
  • Outdoor hardware and spigots

With a few hours, you can immediately improve the curb appeal of your home.

Note, if you have LAS HomeGard shutters, do not pressure wash them directly or you may damage the coating.

Repair any rotted or old siding

Rotted, peeling siding is a potential buyer's nightmare. It instantly makes the house appear older than it is and signals that it isn't receiving maintenance.

But especially in southeast Louisiana, siding can easily get torn up in storms or deteriorate from the constant humidity. For some types of siding you can do DIY repairs, but for most types it makes sense to work with siding professionals who can install it properly.

One of our recent projects shows how an outside siding remodel can transform a home.

Replace old hardware on shutters and windows

This simple home remodel idea can be done in one afternoon. If you have old wooden shutters, go through and update the handles and latches to cleaner and more updated looks. Toss the brass and go for matte black or bronze. Make sure that all of your shutter hardware is consistent and matches across your home.

Next, update any broken latches or hardware on your windows. Match your current style when possible, or go to the professionals for older homes or larger repairs.

If your old shutters are beyond repair, call LAS today to replace them with HomeGard shutters.

Freshen up paint on casings and shutters

The largest curb appeal update is also the one with the biggest bang for its buck. Better Homes & Gardens writes that "An exterior facelift (new paint, siding, or trim details) automatically transforms the look of a home." 

For an instant outdoor remodel, freshening up paint can be the change that really makes your house stand out. Focus on large and small details—from siding to window casings and shutters to trim. You can get paint chips from your current home and get them color matched for small repairs, or find a new color and do a full refresh.

Check out the curb appeal before and after photos from one of our previous projects, which turned a New Orleans home from hopelessly drab to bright and cheery.

Add shutters for a fast and affordable upgrade

When we think about our home's exterior, we often forget about how adding shutters can create instant elegance to a home. Country Living writes:

"Think of your shutters as mascara for your windows. Choosing the right style and color for your home will add definition as well as a little extra pizzazz."

Shutters are often the finishing touch for the best outdoor home remodels. In addition to curb appeal, they help control light and ventilation, and can protect the home from southeast Louisiana hurricanes with storm-rated upgrades.

Update your windows with bold casings

A full coat of paint can improve the curb appeal of any home, but you can create a similar effect just by highlighting window casings. New Orleans homes, in particular, are rich with architectural details and character. For standout or interesting windows on your home, go with bright or elegant casing colors throughout to showcase them.

That could mean dark casings, or it could mean bright white like on these homes.

More information on how to add curb appeal

If you've tackled all you can, it's time to call in the experts. Call LAS today to learn more about how we help homeowners all over southeast Louisiana update their windows, shutters, and siding to create instant curb appeal.

Our shutter and window professionals will work closely with you to find the projects perfectly matched for your needs and budget.

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