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Adding operable decorative shutters to your home is one of the most cost effective ways to make your home more attractive and energy efficient. At LAS, we know that depending on the architectural style of your home, traditional or historical, certain styles of shutters may be more complimentary. With so many shutter styles available, we can help you choose the right decorative shutter for your home.

Colonial Shutters 

LAS’ Colonial Shutters, inspired by the colonial architecture, are the perfect fit for Colonial, Federal or Victorian styled homes. These decorative shutters combine the warm look of wood with the durability and longevity of aluminum. In addition, our colonial shutters are favored by customers that prefer a more traditional look for storm protection. Colonial Shutters are decorative and functional as they operate on hinges and can be closed quickly for optimum hurricane protection.

Bahama Shutters

Historically, Bahama shutters were found on British colonial-era architecture. However, now used as a decorative shutter in many cases, they can be found on many different styled homes, such as Beach Bungalows, Cottages and Contemporary Homes. Because of its top-hinged mounting system, the Bahama Shutter offers an advantage over side-hinged shutters for storm protection. They can be quickly swung shut and fastened when a storm threatens the area. Bahamas Shutters also look great on Cape Cod or Ranch style homes.

Board & Batten Shutters

The Board & Batten shutter may have been the first style of shutter invented. Featuring a traditional cottage-style, Board & Batten Shutters provide your home with a warm look in addition to the durability of high-gauge aluminum. This classic style is a perfect fit to provide that rustic feel for Mediterranean/Spanish style homes and to add character to the Cape Cod or Ranch style homes.

Raised Panel Shutters

Raised Panel Decorative Shutters are an ideal enhancement to federal manor homes, traditional colonial homes, quaint craft cottages and other architectural style homes. In homes styles such as the Greek Revival where pillars are dominant, Raised Panel Shutters add the right amount of flare.

Inspired by New England colonial architecture, LAS’s Raised Panel Shutters are capable of completely blocking outside elements, making them ideal for energy savings and hurricane protection.  Raised Panel Shutters provide the same beautiful look of wood, without the upkeep.


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