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LAS Brings You the Best Hurricane Protection for Your Gulf Area Property

Hurricanes are a part of life in the Gulf area. Those of us who choose to call the region “home” know that they will come, whether we like it or not. But we also know that there are steps that can be taken to reduce the impact even the strongest hurricane will have on our property. 

At LAS, we are not just another company offering hurricane shutters and storm panels. We specialize in products for this area specifically, which means that you can trust every product we install to offer the utmost protection. Read on to learn more about the products we offer and how they can offer optimal hurricane protection. Then reach out for a free estimate to take the first step toward protecting your property.

You Need the Strongest Hurricane Shutters and Storm Panels

Out of every type of weather disaster that regularly occurs in the United States, hurricanes are by far the most destructive, cause the most property damage, and result in the highest number of deaths. In the three-year period between 2019 and 2021, there were 56 weather and climate disasters in the U.S., resulting in more than $1 billion in losses. 

While the total losses as a country mount, the reality is that those statistics are made up of individual homeowners who see their homes and worldly belongings wiped out in mere minutes. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At LAS, we build the strongest, most durable hurricane shutters and storm panels you’ll find.

Hurricane Shutters and Storm Panels Built Specifically for the Gulf South

On average, a hurricane hits the New Orleans area every seven to eleven years, making it one of the most hurricane-prone areas in the country. When a storm occurs, it’s essential to protect your home and those who live in it. 

The bad news is that your home is only as strong as the weakest point. The good news is that LAS can help secure the most vulnerable areas of your home: namely, your windows. 

Windows Can Cause Many Issues During Hurricanes 

In most homes, the windows are the weakest points. They can be shattered by flying projectiles. The pressure that builds up due to high winds can cause tiny imperfections in the glass, which can lead to cracking, expanding, and eventually exploding. Hurricane shutters are the best options to prevent your windows from breaking.

There Are Options in Hurricane Protection

The three most common and effective products to protect your home from hurricanes are:

  1. Storm panels
  2. Hurricane shutters
  3. Impact windows 

Storm Panels are an excellent form of Hurricane Protection 

The most affordable option is the storm panel, which can help protect your home from flying debris. Made from high-strength polycarbonate or heavy-gauge aluminum, they can be easily stacked when not in use to ensure they do not take up space when you don’t need them. Additional benefits include:

  • Storm panels offer affordable protection during storms
  • You can quickly hang your storm panels when a storm is coming
  • We can build storm panels to fit your large and/or uniquely shaped windows

Hurricane Shutters Provide Additional Benefits

Hurricane shutters are another cost-effective option, and they bring other benefits, too. Quality hurricane shutters can 

  • Reduce your homeowner’s insurance by as much as 10%
  • Increase energy efficiency and decrease energy costs by blocking sunlight during the hottest months
  • Increase the value of your home 

Impact Windows Paired with Hurricane Shutters Offer the Best Protection 

Made with heavy-duty frames and impact-resistant glass, impact windows work by preventing projectiles from breaking windows. They are best used in conjunction with hurricane shutters. While impact windows require the highest initial investment, they can provide significant added safety.

What Are the Benefits of Using LAS Products for Hurricane Protection?

We have truly set the standard for hurricane protection in the Gulf South. For more than 60 years, LAS has been providing our quality products exclusively to homeowners in this region. We custom make our hurricane shutters and storm panels to ensure they can stand up to the climate and weather of the area. 

Starting with the slat design, moving through the motor function, and into the materials chosen, every step of the process is designed, manufactured, and installed for the specific needs of the Gulf South. Other companies might create shutters and panels that they retrofit to be stronger, to handle higher winds, or to stand up to the rain. But our shutters and panels are created to meet all these objectives from the start. 

Our Storm Panels and Hurricane Shutters Meet or Exceed Requirements 

You will find that every product we sell is designed to be durable and efficient at protecting your home. Every “rated” shutter and storm panel we manufacture and install complies with the following standards and specifications: 

We believe these standards and specifications are a great place to start but we go beyond them when necessary.

We Offer Many Options in Hurricane Shutters

There is no single hurricane shutter that meets the needs and wants of every homeowner. That’s why we offer many types of hurricane shutters. In fact, every shutter we sell is available in a storm-rated application so you’ll never have to choose based solely on style or solely on security – you can have both! 

Hurricane shutters from LAS are available in many colors, are durable, and require little maintenance. Due to the unique aspects of our climate, we use high-quality powder-coated aluminum, because wood and vinyl shutters are not up for the challenges of the heat and humidity in this region. 

Some of the types of impact-rated hurricane shutters we offer include: 

We Offer a Wide Range of Storm Panels

Just as there is no hurricane shutter that works for all needs, there is no such thing as a storm panel that works for every client. At LAS we design and manufacture storm panels for hurricane protection that fit many styles and functions.

For example, the sills and headers on our storm panels can be manufactured in white, bronze, beige, or ivory. You have further options from there, such as the following: 

  • Clear Strength Panels. Do you want uninterrupted views? Our clear-strength panels are just what you’re looking for. You get all the sunlight you want and no distortion. Made from a proprietary polycarbonate resin, they are 30% lighter than most clear storm panels and as much as 50% lighter than the metal options you might choose. But of course, this lightweight design does not mean they aren’t strong – they still meet or exceed all Florida Building Code requirements. 
  • Aluminum storm panels. Every one of our aluminum storm panels is made from heavy-gauge aluminum that includes an internal integrated bracing rib. This offers maximum strength and superior rigidity. This is the most economical option. You’ll appreciate that these panels can be stacked easily and left totally out of sight when there’s no storm brewing. 

We Handle Every Aspect of Your Project

When you choose to work with LAS, you are working with a company that understands every step in the hurricane protection process. We handle:

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Servicing 

No matter what step of the process you’re in, whether you are just starting to think about installing hurricane shutters or you’ve already had them installed by us and have questions about their maintenance, there is just one company to call. We are here to protect you, to protect your home, and to help protect the gulf region.

How to Choose the Right Hurricane Protection for Your Home

Now that you know the LAS difference and the products we offer, you might wonder: how do I decide which options offer the best hurricane protection for my home? The answer is simple: Call LAS. We can work with you to go over the ins and outs of all options. 

Remember that because every product we sell is locally designed and manufactured, everything you choose to buy from us will be designed and manufactured with the unique needs of this region in mind. 

A Word on Cost Versus Value

One of the most important things we want our clients to remember is that the lowest cost does not always provide the best value. While we strive to offer affordable products that can keep every home safe, the truth is that some products cost more to design and manufacture – and therefore they cost more for consumers.

If you can only afford the least expensive storm panel options, you are still greatly increasing your hurricane protection and making a wise financial decision. On the other hand, if you can afford an upgrade, remember that the long-term savings of protecting your home and belongings from hurricane damage can be well worth the short-term cost of upgrading.

Call LAS to Get Help from Start to Finish

We stand behind every product we sell and know that we can provide you with the highest quality hurricane shutters, storm panels, and other hurricane protection. Every member of our staff is trained on hurricane and storm windows and protection. Every product is designed with these specific needs in mind.

Do not settle for retrofitted windows with “added” hurricane protection. Choose windows and shutters that were built from the ground up to withstand even the highest wind. Work with LAS and let us help you protect your home, your family, and your life.