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Contrary to popular belief, there is no “one size fits” all when it comes to replacement windows for your home. Even if your current windows are a standard size, chances are good that changes to your home’s frame mean that the “standard” opening has been compromised and modified. In Louisiana, these changes are largely due to time, gravity, and the Gulf South’s shifting weather. LAS Shutters + Windows designs and builds custom manufactured windows in the Gulf South that provide beauty, protection, and value that standard windows just can’t compete with. Here’s what you should know.  

What Are Custom Manufactured Windows? 

Custom manufactured windows are individually made to measurements that are unique to your home. Even with homes that start out square and walls that begin their life plumb, these things shift over time. Sashes sag and corners tilt. Suddenly, the “standard” opening has changed, sometimes dramatically. 

When installing a custom manufactured window, the manufacturer will take precise measurements of your home. They’ll use those to craft the window that fits your home now, not ten years ago.  

In addition to ensuring a perfect fit, custom manufactured windows: LAS Enterprises Homestead Double Hung Window Beige Install

  • Offer the opportunity to increase energy efficiency 
  • Increase curb appeal with upgraded features  
  • Add value to your home and offer an excellent return on investment 
  • Protect your family and home from extreme weather events 
  • Allow for custom and creative looks 

Our custom manufactured windows at LAS are made to be a perfect fit no matter what changes have occurred in your home. LAS windows also take into consideration the weather challenges of the Gulf South. Our energy efficient windows keep your home cool in our muggy summers and warm in the sometimes-surprisingly chilly winters.  

LAS Shutters + Windows only uses high-quality vinyl in our custom manufactured windows. This offers better resistance to extreme weather, too. For example, our hurricane windows are designed to take that resistance one step further with impact resistant glass along with high-quality window frames and hardware. 

How Are Custom Manufactured Windows Made? 

After you decide on the windows you’d like replaced, or the custom manufactured windows for a new build, LAS measures the window openings. We use large glass sheets of various thicknesses for our windows. These are cut to your window’s specifications. Once cut to size, we grind the surface edges to protect the glass from external atmosphere once sealed, and to promote better adhesion to spacer. This process is called edge deletion, and is not performed by all window manufacturers.

To exceed Energy Star requirements, we also use double-paned, low-E glass filled with argon gas. Other mechanical devices are added to ensure the window’s proper function, and the glass is installed into your custom window frames. Locks and keepers are installed, and your window is inspected one last time. 

At LAS, we go beyond aesthetics to craft beautiful, custom manufactured windows that protect your home and everyone in it. 

Are Custom Manufactured Windows Difficult To Install? 

In many cases, custom manufactured windows are easier to install than stock windows. Why? 

At LAS, all of our windows are custom manufactured within 1/8” of the measurement specifications. Oftentimes, mass manufacturers, selling to wholesalers, pre-manufacture windows based on a limited chart of “standard” sizes; or allow only certain increments of dimensions to be ordered. For example most standard charts will have windows at 35-1/2” widths and then the next standard size down may be 31-1/2”. If the ideal size for your existing opening is 35”,  a contractor that is limited to wholesale windows, has 2 options: order a custom size window with a significantly increased lead time and cost, or put the 31-1/2” window in and make up the difference with trim. The second option will occur more often, which leaves customer with an energy efficient window; installed in a way that negates the benefit of energy efficiency because the gaps around the perimeter of window are too large.

Professional installation of custom manufactured windows is often easier because they fit the opening that exists – not the one that used to be there. 

LAS Shutters + Windows also uses the OSI Quad Max Caulking System. The flexibility and strength of this product offers superior protection from the weather we experience in the Gulf South. Our OSI certified installers use proper installation techniques to minimize the risk of leaks that could lead to water damage and mold. 

Are Custom Manufactured Windows Worth It? 

In the case of new construction, some custom manufactured windows are required. For interesting or unusual shapes or hard-to-fit spaces, a custom manufactured window is the only choice.  

But for replacement windows, are custom manufactured windows really worth it? LAS Windows Vinyl Windows Interior

While it’s true that the initial cost of a custom manufactured window is more than what you can purchase “off the rack,” you’ll find incredible value in their longevity and the made-for-you protection they offer your home. Our high-quality, custom manufactured windows are built to last and to withstand the harsh climate we face in our region.  

Additionally, when it comes time to install standard-sized windows, many homeowners are shocked to find that their home needs significant alterations to fit the window properly. The original framing may not be quite square. Walls shift over time. Once the interior walls are adjusted, the exterior may need work to keep the look symmetrical. This adds significantly to the cost of what originally seemed like a more affordable option.  If the opening is not altered to be ideal size, then the final installed product may not perform as expected; or be left an excessively small window with a ugly and inefficient surplus of trim to make up the difference without altering opening.

On top of that, a stock or standard sized window often needs replacement sooner than a custom manufactured window that is built to last. 

The LAS difference 

With six decades in business in Louisiana, LAS Shutters + Windows understands the challenges and joys of living in our region. We take pride in our roots in Louisiana and will treat your family like our own for every project.  

Because the only windows we offer are custom manufactured windows, LAS Shutters + Windows is with you every step of the way. From your initial consultation to the final installation, our goal is to protect you and your family with beautiful, durable windows and impeccable customer service. 

We believe in our product so strongly that we offer a lifetime limited warranty on our custom manufactured windows. If you need service on your windows, the LAS service department is here to help. We won’t disappear once your windows are installed, and all of our service technicians are part of our local team, too. We make sure you are satisfied with our work and windows for all the years to come. 

Still have questions about our custom manufactured windows or any of our other products? Contact us today!