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Vinyl windows are definitely your best bet in replacement windows – especially in the Deep South. There are many reasons why this is the case. For starters, the whole frame is extruded with the a solid piece of material, so there is no lamination (i.e. fiberglass is laminated with layers upon layers of material). On the other hand, a Vinyl window is all the same product through and through.

In addition, vinyl is a non-conductor of heat and cool, so no matter how hot or cold is gets, the elements will never allow heat to penetrate the vinyl.

One of the issues that one may find with a many of the replacement vinyl windows sold and installed in our region is that they are manufactured in other parts of the country and thus lack the structural stability required to withstand Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi climates in the long term.

As an example, that lack of structural stability will occur when the vinyl window is constructed without enough “impact modifiers.” So, when the sun hits that product, it then expands and contracts. The effect over time is that the vinyl weakens as a result, causing the sashes to ultimately crack and split. When that happens, they can no longer be locked, it causes air leakage from the inside, as well as air and insect infiltration from the outside.

That sort of circumstance is not typically covered in any warranty – including our own. That’s why we have our own engineered and patented designs to make it so that problem doesn’t even exist in the first place.

Everyone on the LAS team works relentlessly to provide a products that offer folks in Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi the best of both worlds. We have designed a window that is made out of vinyl, but is structurally stronger than aluminum. In doing that, as well as constructing our products with a 3 and quarter inch thick frame, we guarantee every window we make, sell and install is securely welded all the way through. By contrast, aluminum is screwed together and is not nearly as strong as a weld.

LAS also puts structural seals in the frames within the vinyl sashes so that they don’t expand and contract and lose their shape, making them vulnerable to our hot and humid climate.

LAS windows – and all LAS products for that matter – are made strictly for our area and our climate. Made to withstand the water, the moisture, as well as the heat. Those are the major elements that we must worry about and take into consideration when buying replacement windows.

And if that wasn’t enough, we put Solarban 70 Glass to add to the vinyl nonconductor of heat, which is the best kind of glass one can use in the southern climate to keep the sun’s UV rays out of your home.

All that together would probably make LAS Vinyl Windows the best choice in replacement windows in Southeast Louisiana and South Mississippi.

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