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Which direction your windows face can drastically change your energy conservation at home for heating and cooling. Whether you're making decisions for a new build or renovating your existing home, here's what you should know.

How to improve energy conservation at home

Did you know that up to 25% of all energy that we use for heating and cooling is lost through windows and doors? Leaky, thin, or poorly-installed windows and doors can slowly sap energy from a home due to lost heat or cool air.

How your home and windows are laid out can play a big role in energy conservation at home, too.

Which direction should windows face to reduce heat?

At LAS Windows + Shutters, we've been working in the Gulf South climate for over 60 years. We know that homeowners in our area suffer from brutal heat and humidity in the summer.

If you also live in a warm climate, you can reduce heat by situating your home and its windows in certain ways.

  • For new builds, situate your home to face north-south and put most of your windows on the cooler northern side of your home
  • If you're adding new windows, focus on adding them to the northern side of your home or on the southern side with an overhang
  • Add an overhang or deck over the majority of southern-facing windows to reduce sun exposure during summer months
  • Reduce windows as much as possible on the western side of your home, opting to put utility areas like laundry rooms or bathrooms there instead
  • Add shading with trees or other screens on the western side of your home

These guidelines will help you reduce as much direct sunlight on your home during hot summer afternoons.

Which direction should windows face to retain heat?

If you're in a cooler climate, you can incorporate similar tips to get benefits both in the winter and summer.

For example, retain heat in your home during winter by adding more windows to the southern side of your home. Because of the sun's lower path during winter months (for those in the northern hemisphere), it's possible to build a precisely measured overhang or deck that allows light into your windows during winter and blocks it during summer.

Next, on the western side of your home, plant deciduous trees. You'll get summertime shading, and when the leaves fall, the sun will help heat your home through winter.

Double your impact with energy efficient windows

After you've added windows in strategic areas, consider energy efficient models. They'll further reduce energy use in your home.

Today's energy efficient windows are made from low e-glass. This lowers a window's emissivity, or its ability to transfer energy. These windows reflect back heat and energy during summer months and retain heat during colder months. When professionally installed with the best materials, these energy efficient windows can reduce energy usage up to 18-30%.

Is it time for you to look into energy efficient windows? If you're in the Gulf South, contact us today at LAS Shutters + Windows. Our team provides free estimates on how you can improve energy conservation at home.

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