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Meet Rotty

Rotty is the Ugly that terrorizes wooden and aluminum-clad frames in Southeast Louisiana. He appears when humidity, rainfall, and heat cause fungi growth and decay. 

How You Can Fight This Ugly 

Keep this Ugly away for good by choosing windows with a protective coating and high-quality vinyl built for our Southern Climate. 

Meet Slick

Slick is the Ugly that causes condensation and excessive humidity in your home. Our Southeast Louisiana air is filled with moisture, breeding Uglies like Slick. They can seep through broken seals and reduce your home’s energy efficiency. 

How You Can Fight This Ugly 

With proper insulation and Louisiana-made, double-pane windows,
you can fight this Ugly for good.

Meet Windy

Windy is the Ugly that destroys homes when catastrophic storms reach
our region. Hurricane winds have reached up to 170 mph, and this Ugly
can project pressure and flying debris at your home.  

How You Can Fight This Ugly 

In the hurricane-prone Gulf South, high-quality aluminum
shutters can protect your home against this Ugly.

Keep The Uglies Away for Good with LAS

Born of wind and moisture combined with heat and cold, the Uglies seek to feast on Louisiana homes. They penetrate weaknesses in home exteriors made of inferior materials.  

A home fortified with LAS products is the Uglies’ worst nightmare. LAS windows keep extreme Gulf temperatures and elements out. LAS shutters are built to last, protecting homes from intrusive forces like hurricane winds. 

When you buy LAS windows and shutters, you’re guaranteed to beautify and protect your home.

The LAS Difference

For over 65 years, LAS has been fighting the Uglies in the Gulf South.  

Our team has been studying the Uglies that manifest from heat, humidity, and hurricanes in Southeast Louisiana. With this knowledge, we locally engineer windows and shutters with premium materials right here in Louisiana.  

As the elements get tougher and the Uglies get harsher, LAS will continue to evolve – so you can keep the Uglies away for good.