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Window shutters aren't just a decorative detail—they are an incredibly useful addition to your home. In this post, we discuss some of the differences between fake vs. functional shutters and how functional shutters can add unrivaled value and protection to your home.

What is the purpose of shutters on a house?

The Old House Guy explains how shutters were vital before glass was common. Over the years, styles changed as durable glass became more affordable and widespread. Even so, many of those original shutter benefits he writes about are still relevant today, especially in the Gulf South.

Window shutters can:

  • Provide security for your home from theft
  • Protect your home during hurricane season with hurricane shutters
  • Keep your home cooler in the summer by shading it from the sun, but also allowing breeze through
  • Keep your home warmer in the winter by adding another layer of insulation
  • Provide privacy from people passing by, especially on first floors
  • Allow you to darken your rooms for sleep or watching TV
  • Instantly create curb appeal

When your home has functional shutters, it can change with the seasons and as needed for your lifestyle. Today, many shutters are fully automatic. At the click of a button, you can open or adjust your shutters.

Benefits of functional shutters vs. fake shutters

People love the look of shutters, but over the years many forgot about their functional benefits. Whether due to cost or improvements in window glass, some homebuilders began adding fake shutters to homes instead. Unfortunately, these fake shutters are fairly obvious.

When it comes to fake vs. functional shutters, fake shutters are often incorrectly mounted on home, fitted next to the window instead of on the window casing (and often without hinges). Further, many don't actually fit the size or shape of the window they're paired with.

Fake shutters (especially those built poorly):

  • Lack the shadows that add interest and depth to a home when built with faux louvers
  • Appear disproportionate to other architectural details
  • Can look cheap and decrease a home's value

At LAS, the choice is clear to us. If you're installing shutters, functional shutters always beat fake options. With functional shutters, you get the benefits of protection, privacy, and temperature control, along with a more beautiful home.

What types of shutters do I need?

Many factors go into choosing the right shutters for your home. In some limited circumstances, fake shutters may work better for your home, climate, and budget. More often, though, we recommend functional shutters.

Learn more about choosing the best shutters for your home by reading our posts on the types of hurricane shutters, how to pick shutter colors, the types of shutter materials available, and how to pick the shutter style for your home's design.

Of course, if you're looking for functional shutters in the Gulf South, you can always call LAS to learn more about your options. Our team provides FREE estimates for crafting and installing the most beautiful shutters for your home.

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