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Doors welcome people into our homes, keep our loved ones secure, and offer us a gateway to the beauty of our surroundings. Choose doors as friendly and warm as your home with the quality only LAS can provide. 

Choose the Right Doors for Your Home 

When deciding on entry doors for your home, aesthetics matter. Even more, your decision will also impact the security, energy efficiency, and value of your property.  

LAS is committed to helping homeowners make the most informed decisions. We recommend you consider the following factors when choosing the right door for your home. 


When replacing entry doors, homeowners have several options. Wood offers a classic look but may weather over time. Steel is durable but may rust. Aluminum is low maintenance but not energy efficient.  

We believe the best option for homeowners is fiberglass, especially for our Gulf Coast climate. Our Therma-Tru doors with fiberglass resemble wood but stand up to our extreme weather. They also require less maintenance than doors made with other materials.  

Energy Efficiency 

Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on heating and cooling costs, especially in Southeast Louisiana. To save money in the long run, it is important for homeowners to reinforce their home entry points with strong insulation.  

LAS offers energy-efficient products like windows, shutters, and doors that help customers save money in the long term. Our Therma-Tru fiberglass doors provide 4x better insulation than wooden doors, keeping you cozy and saving on energy costs. 


Our homes are filled with loved ones and precious valuables. To keep them safe, you need doors that provide peace of mind. Keeping your home protected requires strong locks, sturdy frames, reinforced glass, and adjustable, multi-point locking systems.  

LAS doors are built with home security in mind. From patio and entry doors to our sliding glass doors, our products are supported with durable frames and fortified glass. Our doors are also tamper-resistant with adjustable locking systems for added security.  


Home features often serve a dual role of beauty and functionality. While it is important to consider the durability, energy efficiency, and security of your doors, the style also matters. Your doors should not only fortify but complement your home’s architecture.  

When shopping for doors, consider how the finish will enhance the look of your home. Our Therma-Tru doors are built with fiberglass but finished with AccuGrain technology that mimics the look of real wood. The beauty of the Therma-Tru doors can boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its value on average about 4.2%. 


Shop By Our Door Types 

Welcome people into your cozy abode or backyard oasis with a variety of door options.  

Entry Doors 

If our homes could talk, entry doors would say “hello.” Our kids run excitedly through them after school to grab a delicious homemade snack. We greet and hug our relatives within them on holidays. We hang festive decals on them to give our neighbors a little extra cheer. 

At LAS, we understand the meaning of these home entryways. It’s why our doors are built with long-lasting fiberglass and the look of real wood. Entry doors should not only protect against Southeast Louisiana weather but also evoke the friendliness of our region. 


Patio Doors 

Patio doors are our gateway into nature. They’re how we access our bountiful gardens, peaceful patios, and imaginative outdoor kitchens. Even more, they give us a window into our outdoor spaces, providing scenic views and a seamless transition into nature. 

Because of their outdoor access, we understand the importance of energy efficiency for patio doors. They use the same Therma-Tru fiberglass as our entry doors, offering a durable alternative to wood or steel. Our reinforced windows provide much-needed weather protection, while our tamper-resistant locks add additional security. 


French Doors 

Classic and elegant, French doors complement the architecture of our Southeast Louisiana homes. They allow natural light to pass through, brightening interior spaces. They also allow for a beautiful transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces, adding an element of unmistakable character. 

There is no doubt that French doors are beautiful. LAS takes them a step further, crafting with style and security in mind. Fiberglass provides insulation and protection, while AccuGrain technology offers the beauty of real wood. Homeowners can choose from a variety of timeless finishes – from Classic-Craft Mahogany to Fiber-Classic Oak. 


Sliding Glass Doors 

Sliding glass doors offer our homes a connection to the outdoors. They bring sunlight and scenic views in while keeping bugs and the elements out. They provide a smooth transition between our outdoor and indoor living spaces. Even more, they save space and are easy to clean and maintain. 

LAS sliding glass doors incorporate energy-efficient glass and weatherstripping to minimize heat transfer and enhance indoor comfort. They also feature strong, multi-point locking systems that provide you with security and peace of mind. 


Learn the Therma-Tru Door Difference 

LAS is proud to partner with a long-standing provider of high-quality doors. Therma-Tru is our chosen provider of doors with 55 years in business and 20+ years as the chosen brand by building professionals. We work with Therma-Tru for several reasons. 

Quality Engineering 

As an engineer-led company, we only want to work with the best in our industry. Therma-Tru develops doors with unified, hardworking components. Their doors seal tightly to protect your home from drafts, leaks, and damage, keeping it safe and well-maintained. 

Lifetime Limited Warranty 

If issues arise, Therma-Tru is there to provide homeowners with peace of mind. They are confident in the durability of their products but also understand that homeowners need additional security. Other door manufacturers may not provide as much of a warranty or for as long as Therma-Tru. 

Beautiful and Durable Material 

There are a variety of door materials out there, but only one can truly stand the test of time. Fiberglass provides big benefits with little maintenance for the homeowner.  

Therma-Tru fiberglass doors are durable, energy-efficient, and secure. They also offer the classic, elegant look of real wood. While wood can rot and steel can rust, fiberglass doors are the best option for Southeast Louisiana homes. 

Curb Appeal 

Because our doors say “hello,” they play a huge role in our home’s value. A door can be a valuable investment for your present and your future. Therma-Tru entry doors have been shown to increase a home’s value by 4.2% or $18,750 on average. In addition, homeowners can see more than 2 times their return on their investment when choosing Therma-Tru doors. 


As Southeast Louisiana locals, we understand the havoc our weather can wreak on homes. This is why we’ve chosen Therma-Tru doors. They have shown their ability to stand up to the toughest, most extreme weather conditions. Therma-Tru has conducted a variety of tests to show their doors protect against elements including heavy objects and UV light.  

Replace Your Doors with Ease 

Enhancing your home’s beauty, security, and energy efficiency is a significant investment. It’s one that requires careful consideration. Choosing the right partner for door replacement can make all the difference in a successful renovation. Here’s what to consider before your next project. 

Experience and Expertise 

When beginning your door replacement project, look for a partner with a proven track record. A history of successful installations for a variety of door types and styles is important.  

Your partner should be laser-focused on complementing your home’s beauty and fortifying its security. LAS has a 65-year history of doing just that for so many homeowners in Southeast Louisiana. When you need valuable insights and practical solutions, choose LAS. 

High-Quality Materials 

Your door replacement partner should have a meticulous eye for quality. Materials should not only look beautiful but also stand the test of time. When evaluating partners, you should understand the pros and cons of their door materials.  

Our Gulf Coast climate can be harsh, especially on our home. LAS has specifically chosen Therma-Tru fiberglass doors to stand up to the climate of our region. We believe they are the best option for homeowners, providing superior energy efficiency and protection for our customers. 

Personalized Service 

From consultation to installation, your partners should be attentive to your needs. Any upgrade to your home requires a tailored solution, as every home – and homeowner – is different. Avoid companies that provide one-size-fits-all products, because your home deserves specialized attention. 

At LAS, we begin by fully understanding your requirements. Whether your priority is beauty or energy efficiency, we will tailor our recommendation to be specific to your needs. For over six decades, we have measured, manufactured, and installed products that match our customer’s specifications exactly. 

Understand the LAS Door Replacement Process

The LAS team views each home project differently, applying a tailored approach for each of our customers. For more complex or custom door installations, our process may vary.  

We have the expertise and tools to ensure a precise and secure door installation, no matter your requirements. This will help save you time and potential headaches down the road. 


We begin by measuring your existing door for the utmost accuracy. When replacing an older door, we’ll measure the width, height, and thickness of your existing door. This includes the frame. If the existing frame needs replacement, we’ll measure the rough opening. 

Door Selection 

We'll help you choose a door that fits and complements your home based on measurements and your priorities. We’ll walk you through the benefits of our fiberglass material, including its energy efficiency and security. 

You will also have the ability to choose your finish. All of our Therma-Tru fiberglass doors are finished with AccuGrain technology, providing the appearance of real wood. Our experts will choose wood with desired grain and characteristics to improve the appearance of your doors. 


With all requirements in hand, we’ll place your order. Our team is detail-oriented, providing all details to our supplier, including the hardware, finishes, and additional features you require. We’ll provide you with an estimate of delivery and installation, as well as all associated costs. 


Once the door has arrived, we’ll prepare your home for installation. We’ll begin by removing the existing door, being careful when removing the door from its hinges to reduce any damage. If you’ve selected new hardware, we’ll remove existing hardware and dispose of it properly. 

If your door frame is damaged or unsuitable for your new door, we’ll make the necessary repairs and adjustments. Our goal is to ensure your frame is in good condition for the installation.  


Our professional installation team will position the new door in the opening, using shims to level and secure the door frame in place. Hinges will be properly installed and attached to allow your doors to swing freely. 

All hardware, including the doorknob and lockset, will be installed properly, adhering to manufacturer instructions. Our team will test the functionality of the hardware as they go to ensure easy operation. 

Our team will then insulate and weatherproof your entryway. We’ll use insulation materials and weatherstripping to seal any gaps around the door. Energy efficiency and weather resistance are our top priorities, and a job is not done until those are ensured. 

Finally, we’ll test the door to make sure it operates correctly and securely.  

Final Touches 

We’re not done until our quality assurance is met. Our team will inspect the installation for any final adjustments or touch-ups as needed. 


Before we leave a project, we ensure the space is cleared of any debris. Our team will clean the area around the door installation so you can begin welcoming guests with ease. 

Get Started on Your Door Project

Ready to make a lasting impression on all those who enter your home? Get started on your door replacement project with LAS. Our team is ready to guide you through the process of enhancing your home’s beauty, security, and energy efficiency.